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Exploring Spanish Food

These days, Spain is getting a lot of acclaim in the culinary world for its cutting-edge experimental chefs. But the country has an equally distinguished cuisine of home cooking and traditional dishes, which we’re celebrating in our special collection of recipes, techniques and ingredients.

What’s more iconic than paella? In our article, Spanish chef Norberto Jorge gives his tips and tricks for getting this classic rice dish just right. And though paella is practically a party on its own, we also have two entertaining menus for Iberian-inspired dinners: one, a casual meal featuring the foods of Catalonia, in Northeast Spain; the other a spread of festive tapas, including marinated manchego, seared shrimp with pimentón, and sautéed chorizo with red wine. Though most of the ingredients are available in a well-stocked grocery store, our Spanish pantry guide provides sources for some harder-to-find authentic ingredients.

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